Pinterest For Business Use

December 5, 2013 in Uncategorized by MSG

Even though the platform Pinterest has a very particular audience, it can be a great tool for companies to reach their target audience. Pinterest has a largely female audience (around 95% female), so the first consideration is if your brand has a large female audience. If the answer is yet, it might be worthwile for you to read on.

Here are a couple of facts about Pinterest that are helpful to determine if the platform will be beneficial to your business and what type of content you should “pin”. For more information, please refer to

  • High brand engagement from users: 70% of brand engagement comes from users, not brands.
  • Pinterest shoppers spend more money than Facebook and Twitter shoppers. Coming from Pinterest, orders average $140-$180 while it is only $80 on Facebook and $60 on Twitter.
  • For home and furnishing retailers, Pinterest is the largest source of social traffic. The referral traffic from Pinterest accounts for 60% of all social traffic.
  • In the US, the average Pinterest user follows 9.3 brand pages.
  • Followers are engaged and can be turned into customers. The engagement is 36% higher on pictures with prices than without prices.
  • Especially mothers can be targeted on Pinterest, as they are more likely to visit Pinterest (61% more likely than the average American).
  • Pinterest accounts for 25% of the retail referral traffic.

If you know decided that Pinterest might work for you, it’s important to set up the right analytics to ensure your content performes well, and adjust if needed. Pinterest itself has very little analytics to offer, but can be combined with Tailwind and Google Analytics to provide insights into your followers. Intructions on how to set up Tailwind can be found here:

Google Analytics is free with sign up and can easily be integrated into any platform. Google Analytics provides you with a tracking code that has to be integrated into the site you would like to monitor. Once set up, it’s easy to see which landing pages are working and which aren’t. Both tools combined will allow you to see how much money your followers spend and which content not only gets more engagement, but actually generates revenue.